Over the past decade, the mineral industry of Thailand had been characterized by a relatively stable and small share of the country’s gross domestic product of not more than 3 percent. The value added originated therefrom was concentrated among few mineral products, both in terms of output, consumption and exports. It is no exception as evidenced by the fact that these only few mineral products, each contributed more than one billion baths and altogether represented around 85 percent of the total value of mineral produced in the year.

A small number of mineral products in the country’s mining portfolio has created volatility in the industry. This is especially true when two of the country’s major contributors, namely tin and zinc are subjected to the international pricing which recently has witnessed a sharp fluctuation in their prices. However, with an increasing in the domestic demand for the mineral products in general and expectedly in the future, the phenomenon should help safeguard the impact of international events and thus prices that might adversely affect the performance of the Thai mineral industry.

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