The kabin Buri Gold Prospec, covering an area of approximately 200 km2 is located in Kabin Buri district, Prachin Buri and Sra Kaew district, Sra Kaew, Eastern Thailand.

Rockship samples of gossanous silicified tuff and sediments from Monks Hill (Khao Nam Chan) exhibit anomalous values of gold and base metals. Scattered anomalous and silicified float and colluvial gold workings are found surrounding Monks Hill. A thick laterite profile is developed through out the area and outcrop is almost completely absent.

A soil survey program was initiated to target areas of blind mineralization. Results indicate the presence of extensive gold and arsenic geochemical anomalies. Lead, zinc, silver and molybdenum are locally important.

Four distinct polyminerallic anomalies are present: a Au-Pb±Ag anomaly around Monks Hill and an associated ridge extending to the southeast; a small Au-Ag-Pb anomaly associated with an area of lacalised gold workings; an Au-As-Ag anomaly associated with an area of known colluvial working approximately 2 km east of Monk s Hill; and an extensive As-Mo-Au anomaly to the west of Monks Hill.


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