The Pre-Tertiary basement configuration in the northern Straits of Malacca in the Malaysian sector is
shallower than that of the Indonesian sector. This basement increases with depth in the north of the North Sumatra Basin extending through the Andaman Sea; troughs incised in the basement are infilled with different sediments from those in the Sunda Shelf underneath the Straits of Malacca.

Offshore deposition in the Straits started during Early Miocene time, when the Malacca Limestone
developed on the Pre-Tertiary basement. An hiatus from the Upper Middle Miocene to Upper Miocene, is revealed by the Seurula Formation ovelrying unconformably the Baong Formation.

Microforaminiferal and coccolith oozes indicate deep water sedimentation in the Andaman Sea area during Late Oligocene to Pliocene time. Stratigraphic successions of different ages are correlated with those of the Sumatra Basin; the Andaman Formation is equivalent to the Parapat and Bampo Formation, the Tai Limestone to the Arun Limestone.

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