Coal-bearing formations in Thailand are mainly found in Tertiary basins which are widely scattered in the north, the west and southern parts of Thailand. The coal quality varies according to their depositional environments which can be characterized by their stratigraphic sequences.

i) Lacustrine environment; consists mainly of claystone diatomaceous claystone and oil shale. Coals associa ted with this environments are of low quality tanking from lignite to sub bituminous or high volatile bituminous coals.

ii) Intermontane forest swamp; consists mainly of claystone, oil shale, silty sandstone, arkosic sandstone and conglomeratic sandstone. These strata are mainly fossil-rare. Coals associated with this environment are of the best quality, low ash, low sulphur, ranking from subbituminous to
bituminous C coals.

iii) Littoral environment; consists mainly of claystone, calcareous siltstone and sandstone, fossiliferous limestone with patalic depositional feature. Coals associated with this
environment are mainly of high sulphur contents, ranking from subbituminous to high volatile bituminlus C.

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