The sediments of the Lan Krabu Formation in which the Sirikit Oil Field was found are of a rather special nature, as they are of lacustrine origin.

The structural setting of the Phitsanulok Basin is dominated by a complex dextral strike slip system, bounded to the west by the NW-SE striking Mae Ping Fault Zone, and in the north by the sinistral
ENE-WSW striking Uttaradit Fault zone. In the current interpretation, the Taphan Hin block which is delineated by the above mentioned major regional fault zones and the Western Boundary Fault in the West, rotated clockwise, thus creating a large zone with combined extensional and strike slip faulting. The strike slip component may locally be left lateral, but the dominant regional trend is interpreted as right lateral.

The present advanced stage of interpretation of the 3D seismic survey over the field enables more detailed analysis of the fault pattern and sealing/migration properties of the faults. The feasibility lateral prediction of reservoir quality based on the 3D seismic is the next aim.                           

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