During the past several years the Thai  Government has become increasingly interested in
finding oil deposits in Thailand that will supply her  ever-increasing need for petroleum and petroleum products. Simultaneously, some  foreign oil companies and various private interests in Thailand have also shown con-  siderable interest in oil exploration in Thailand.

With this in mind the Royal Thai Department of Mines and USOM/Thailand are commencing to gather and analyze basic geologic data that will aid and accellerate the search for oil in Thailand. This paper is an attempt to summarize the conclusions that I have reached regarding oil in Thailand on the basis of the very small amount of geologic information now available. It must be emphasized, however, that these opinions are based on scanty information, and that I may change them at any time as more geologic information is obtained.

First, however, it might be well to briefly outline the manner in which deposits of petroleum are formed in the rocks of the earth and to point out some of the difficul- ties in finding these hidden deposits.

Oil is a particular kind of hydrocarbon that is sometimes formed when the dead bodies of plants and animals are buried in muds and sands under conditions that prevent them from rotting completely. Usually, but not always, these muds are deposited in shallow marine bodies of water such as the Gulf of Thailand. Gradually and slowly this area sinks and more and more muds and sands are piled into it until the total thickness of sediments may be a thousand meters or more.

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