The Pattani Basin Is the largest basin in the Gulf of Thailand. At least four fields : Erawan, Baanpot, Platong and Satun, are currently being produced gas and condensates by Unocal Thailand Ltd. Many problems have been encountered in producing these fields such as the reduction of pressure once the production commences and the variation of reservoir properties. The study on the porosity-depth relationship in two wells is a preliminary view to understand the reservoir phenomena using wireline logs.

The initial results of the study below the Middle Miocene Unconformity clearly identify the well 14-C-IX as a fluvial-flood plain dominated system. But the well 13-3 demonstrated a marginal marine environment which was changed into fluvial-flood plain dominated system above 6,300 ft. Furthermore, Porosity-Depth plots indicate a high porosity zone existing in these wells. In addition, the porosity histograms over the sandstone beds are characterized by a bi-modal porosity patterns.

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