I. Step of minerals investment and regulatory management

Law on Minerals (Amended Version) No.02/NA, dated 20 December 2011 to be composed 11 parts and 102 Article. The aim is to defines the principles, regulations and measures  regarding the management, protection, utilization of minerals and mineral  resources, and the inspection of minerals activities, with the aim of ensuring that prospecting, exploration, mining and processing of minerals are highly efficient in conjunction with environmental protection and are consistent with the National Socio-­Economic Development Plan in order to create conditions for gradual economic growth, industrialization, progressive modernization, sustainable mineral development and to improve the standard of living of all ethnic groups.

An Enterprise or a Company may undertake mineral prospecting in one block and the block area shall not exceed three hundred square kilometers and an extension of the area not permitted. Subsequently an area granted for mineral exploration shall be based on the results of the mineral prospecting work already undertaken.


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