The commence in 2001 and 2004 of geoconservation activity of the Deportment of Mineral Resources (DMR) was the compilation of the previous geological data accumulated over a century and produced 2 publications regarding geoheritages and geotourism sites respectively in order to disseminate to public. The actual geoconservation projects have been initiated since 2010 in Satun province and continually running until  this fiscal  year mostly in  southern, northeastern and other ports of Thailand. All projects have the objectives to conserve geoheritages and conservatively developed them as sustainable and proper highest exploitation especially in academic, tourism and socio-economic purposes which  is the  key concept of geopark. The projects are implemented under 5 processes, geosites assessment, collaboration to establish geopark, geopark and geological knowledge dissemination, study and research and development. These processes will be implemented to seek for the first global geopark in Thailand. Up until now DMR has developed geoconservation site evaluation criteria, guidelines to establish geopark and 217 geoconservation sites, mainly in south and northeast Thailand, has been defined including 2 potential areas for geopark  development in Satun and Ubon Ratchathani Province with their own management and development policy, plan and measures.


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