Late Triassic to Early Cretaceous terrigenous sedimentary rocks are widely distributed in northeastern Thailand. These sedimentary rocks, traditionally referred to as the Khorat Group, contain abundant dinosaur bones and footprints. In this study, we investigated dinosaur footprints at the site Tha Uthen (Huai Dam Chum), where is located at the eastern edge of northeastern Thailand. Abundant footprints were found in this site where dinosaur footprints have been first reported by Loeu.ff et ol. (2003). It has been reported by ichnologists that track makers of these footprints are estimated to small-sized theropoda, ornithopoda and crocodylomorpha until now. This footprint site is protected and managed by the government of Thailand. The purpose of this study is to measure dinosaur footprints in detail, and perform the quantitative community analysis based on measurement data.


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