The Muong Pha concession is located in Paklai and Phieng districts, Sayaboury province, Lao PDR, where the area has potential for the economic Cu-Ni-PGE mineralisation and is associated with mafic-ultramafic rocks intruding a sequence of andesitic-bosoltic volcanics and sedimentary rocks.

Geological mapping and petrochemistry studies suggests that the host rock is a layered mafic-ultramafic intrusive dunite/peridotite (lower layer), clinopyroxenite (middle layer), cumulate gabbro (upper layer), and minor rodingite as sills and dykes in the dunite. Soils are  largely residual, and bedrock lithology can be inferred with a high degree of reliability from ratios of  immobile or weakly  mobile  elements  (Zr, Ti, AI, Cr, and Sc) in soils which supports  outcrop geological mapping. Inferred bedrock lithology from soils shows a close match to that determinedfrom less extensive rock chip sampling.

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