1. Introduction

In modern agricultural, synthetic fertilizer is applied to provide nutrients essential for plant development. The fertilizer can be classified by major nutrients into three types, namely, nitrate, phosphate and potash.

Potash is a general term used for compounds of potassium. It has a close genetically relation with rock salt (halite mineral), which usually deposited together in the restricted basin of sea water. Both minerals are classified as evaporate minerals.

There are only two major types of potash minerals in Thailand, carnallite and sylvite. Carnallite (KCl.MgCl2.6H20) has a theoretical K2O content of 16.95% and a specific gravity of 1.7. It is colourless to orange, red or pale rose. Most of carnallite is pure and generally shows little evidence of bedding. Sylvite (KCl) is candle white and bricky red, which has a theoretical K2O content of 63.17%. It has a specific gravity of 2.0.


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