Drilled cores of coal samples from the main coal seams of the Mae Moh Paleogene basin have been investigated geochemically and petrographically. Detailed petrography from polished sections reveals that the studied coals consist largely of macerals 78% with small amount of inorganic materials 22%. Huminite group constitute about 47% of the total macerals, including gellinite and densinite with rare telinite and texto-ulminite. The second common maceral is 23% liptinite group which includes liptodetrinite, alginite, omorphinite, cutinite, sporinite, exsudotinite and suberinite. Inertinite group 8% is present in funginite of sclerotinite type, semifusunite and rare fusinite. The 22% of inorganic materials ore mainly pyrite quartz and clay mineral  with subordinates of diatomites, and volcanic ashes.

Proximate and ultimate analysis along with calorific value analysis have been used for classify in cool ranks based on ASTM D388 classification system. On results show that geochemical contents in studied cool samples ore almost constant suggesting that  Mae Moh cools ore homogeneous. The overage weight% as received  basis of ash,fixed carbon, sulphur contents, volatiles, carbon and hydrogen contents ore 13%, 26%, 4%, 31%, 71% and 4% respectively.


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