Introduction and Background

Lao PDR is committed to full integration in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) by 2015 and aims to remove itself from the list of least developed countries by 2020. Lao DPR also aims to transform itself to "the Battery of ASEAN". As a key step in achievement of this goal, GOL plans to build hydropower and mining coal power plants to sell electricity to Asian neighbors, and Hongsa Project is one of them and is the first coal-fired power plant.

Hongsa Project is located in 76.41km2 Concession Area (CA) comprising three components: (1) Power Plant component consisting of development of 1,878 MW coal-fired power plant; (2) Coal Mining component; and (3) Limestone Quarry component.

The power plant is located adjacent to the mining area approximately 8 km to the west of Hongsa district town. The power plant is located within a fenced area of approximately 1 km2. Transmission line 67km 500 kV connects to interconnection point on the Lao-Thai border to supply electricity to Thai Grid at Mae Moh Northern Thailand; and transmission line 105 km 115 kV will supply Luang Prabang province in Northern Laos.


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