1. ASOMM I, Bali, Indonesia on Oct 1996 à Industrial Mineral
  2. ASOMM II, Hanoi, Vietnam on Mar 2000, à Hanoi Plan of Action
  3. ASOMM III, Brunei Darussalam on Apr 2001 à Information Exchange and ASEAN Mineral Database (AMDB)
  4. ASOMM IV, Pnompenh, Cambodia on Apr 2002 à WGMID proposed basic of ASEAN mineral resources database
  5. ASOMM V, Yogya, Indonesia on Apr 2003 à Proposed workshop of creating AMDB form; Workshop was held in Bandung, Indonesia, Dec 2003 à Agreed AMDB form
  6. ASOMM VI, Viantiane, Lao on July 2004 à Final AMDB form; 1st expert meeting in Jan 2005, Viantiane, Lao à prepared ministerial meeting and AMCAP 2005-2010; 2nd expert meeting and 4th WGMID meeting in  Langkawi, Malaysia à Network topology, Indonesia as coordinator, INA – MAL work together to develop AMDB (distributed and centralized DB)
  7. ASOMM VII Kuching, Malaysia on Aug 2005, à Adoption AMCAP, MOU, WGMID Report, 1st AMMin; ASEAN MIDB meeting in March 2005, Jakarta à Malaysia proposed system application and finance; Indonesia representative visited Malaysia in Apr 2006 à Stagnation of making AMDB application because of uncertainty funding
  8. ASOMM VIII, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar on June 2007 à Agreed TOR ASEAN+3 cooperation in mineral sector development; 2007 à Indonesia has developed open source web based application of ASEAN Mineral Database and Information System and discussed of database query in the application with Malaysia.  Feb 2008 à Workshop of ASEAN Mineral Database and Information System was held in Bali, Indonesia and agreed 4 points : server of the database application temporarily is located in Bandung, Indonesia, All information in the application is open to public user, Username & password of each ASEAN member countries will be given to entry data in the application, WGMID should report the progress of using application at ASOMM IX
  9. ASOMM IX, Manila, Philippines on Oct 2008 à Adoption of AEC blueprint; Indonesia proposed Development of ASEAN Mineral Database and Information System covering application, workshop, monitoring and data progress evaluation;
  10. ASOMM X, Bangkok, Thailand on March 2010 à Indonesia and Malaysia will complete the development of database in 2010 and will hold a database workshop with funding from plus three countries (Japan, China and Korea)

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